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Location In Caledon Forest (or somewhere thereabouts)
Occupation Environmental Health Officer
Interests Fantasy, Sci-fi, digital art (well, duh)
Birthday 24/12/1974 (39 years old)
Website http://www.charlotteahlgren.com

About Charlotte

I've been drawing things all my life but didn't discover fantasy art until I went to the university. (Before then it was mostly pretty girls in pretty dresses - though nowhere near as pretty as those by Marta Dahlig!)

For many years I didn't spend nearly as much time drawing and painting as I should have, but now I'm trying to take more time to do it. In 2007 I rejoined Elfwood and in 2009 I discovered the IFX magazine.

I mostly work digitally (with Photoshop and a tablet) but occassionally I draw and paint in traditional media as well.

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