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Varuna Darensbourg

Member since 21/03/2009 21:28:49
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Location The clouds
Interests Leaping and flipping wildly and randomly
Website http://adventuregoat.deviantart.com/
Blog http://varunadarensbourg.wordpress.com
Gallery http://community.imaginefx.com/fxpose/adventuregoats_portfolio/default.aspx

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Many people believe Varuna Darensbourg is a mighty swell artist. A select few however, are privy to the notion that Varuna spends much of his free time drawing Dolphins that look considerably more like ugly horses than they do Dolphins. Currently I am learning to paint digitally and pushing myself in more than one direction. I'm stumbling a bit, but learning as I go. I have my own specific tastes, but it's nice to have range. I have an Adventurgoat comic cooking and plan to push the project on the front burners very soon.

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