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The character "Roxanna" (or "Pelisse") from Le Tendre & Regis Loisels graphic novel "L´Oiseau du Temps". I love red hair...

"Charcter copyright: Regis Loisel"

Paint shop pro & Bryce.



Adrasteia said:

Have never read the novel but that doesn't lesson my appreciation for this pice.  Which parts were done in Bryce?  Nem

22:56 on November 4, 2007

raimo said:

Thanks Adrasteia ! Regis Loisel is one of my favourite artists and he has a very unique style. Check out his site here:


All in french I´m afraid...This character comes from a series of graphic novels titled "Quest for the time bird" wich was released in the eighties, as I understand there is an animated film in the making, based on this adventure.

I did the background, her beltbuckle and those shiny things on her arms in Bryce (som very early, coverdisc-version) I don´t actually use 3d-programmes these days...

14:10 on November 5, 2007