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Iphicrates' Reforms 2

Iphicrates' Reforms 2
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This is a new version of the Greek Light Troops illustration; it features some modification in order to improve the historical accuracy of the illustration.



T San said:

I see the differences, but the artwork is still great :). Keep on the excelent work.

16:59 on August 29, 2007

Alexander P. said:

I like this version even more. The detail on the shield (tear) to let us see the interior is great. You are talented. When will you be published in a book?

08:35 on August 30, 2007

Nicky S said:

I enjoy very much your artwork; specially the Ancient Greeks; where can I find more of your work?

08:44 on August 30, 2007

JP Vieira said:


Many thanks to all.

I have allready been published in magazines and done some artwork for toy soldiers boxes.

I hope that in the near future my work can be seen also in books.

In the meantime, keep visiting this online gallery, because I will keep it updated.

Many thanks.

15:12 on August 30, 2007

Y. Hl said:

Your work is excelent! More Greek soldiers' illustrations, please...

22:54 on August 30, 2007

JP Vieira said:

Thank you.

I will make other Greek warriors illustrations in the future; I have allready finished some drawings for it.

19:10 on September 5, 2007

M. Dan said:

Brilliant artwork

19:59 on October 7, 2007

JP Vieira said:

Thank you very much

18:58 on October 8, 2007

Anton. said:

What a wonderful illustration: very good.

07:52 on November 12, 2007

Can. said:

Thank you for your excellent artwork.

08:03 on November 13, 2007

JP Vieira said:

Thanks very much.

21:36 on November 16, 2007


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