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Assyrian infantry

Assyrian infantry
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This illustration was the base for the artwork for HaT's Assyrian Infantry set (#8092)



K. Wilson said:

This one is great. the pose and individual itens of equipment are extraordinary. congrats

19:20 on August 3, 2007

F. Michael said:

Very good.

14:37 on August 12, 2007

JP Vieira said:

Thank you both for your comments.

16:14 on August 12, 2007

Peter UK said:

I love this one!

08:02 on September 7, 2007

JP Vieira said:

Thank you.

17:05 on September 16, 2007

Mark said:

Wonderful artwork! What I like most about this portfolio is its variety. Keep up.

08:06 on September 20, 2007

JP Vieira said:

I try to be as varied about my work as possible; only to do the same subject over and over is not for me: it is not challenging enough. Thank you for your visit.

16:13 on September 29, 2007

Peter W said:

I really enjoy the pose of this illustration: excellent artwork.

09:43 on September 30, 2007

JP Vieira said:

Thank you very much.

18:53 on October 8, 2007

Art said:

very good. Whenever some book you illustrate is published I will buy it: just let us know about it.

23:14 on November 12, 2007

JP Vieira said:

Thanks Art; whenever I illustrate a book I will let you know.

21:30 on November 16, 2007


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