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Assyrian Vs Arabs

Assyrian Vs Arabs
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francis stewart said:

excelent artwork: the movement, action, historical accurate.


19:56 on June 24, 2007

Peter N said:

Wonderful artwork!

19:12 on July 15, 2007

JP Vieira said:

Many thanks! I think that this illustration came out just the way I intended: full of action and with a good composition.

14:41 on July 28, 2007

Igor S said:

Great artwork!

19:52 on August 20, 2007

John K said:

Excelent. When can we see books illustrated by you?

13:12 on August 31, 2007

JP Vieira said:


I believe that in the near future You will find some books illustrated by me. :)

Best regards

19:02 on September 5, 2007

Richard said:

You must be published: I would buy it ...and a lot of other people too.

17:35 on September 30, 2007

Mary NL said:

Outstanding piece of art. Publishers wake up: this is an artist deserving to be published, now!

12:48 on October 7, 2007

JP Vieira said:

Thanks you both for your comments. My main goal is to improve my art: then publishing will come naturally

18:48 on October 8, 2007

Mike T said:

Thank you for your wonderful art

15:06 on October 13, 2007

JP Vieira said:

Thank you Mike.

22:38 on October 17, 2007

P.J. said:

Ça c’est une illustration extraordinaire et vous êtes un illustrateur prodigieux.

22:46 on October 19, 2007

JP Vieira said:

Merci beaucoup P.J.

17:42 on October 21, 2007

Lena said:

The sense of motion on this illustration is wonderful: congratulations. Do more "action"scenes, please.

22:21 on November 13, 2007

JP Vieira said:

Thank you Lena; I am glad you like it.

21:24 on November 16, 2007

Jon said:

Excellent artwork! I specially like the colouring and the composition: congratulations

12:49 on November 18, 2007

Claude said:

Magnificent artwork.

11:38 on December 31, 2007

JP Vieira said:

Thank you all for your comments.

13:03 on February 9, 2008

PRT said:

This is reaaly exciting artwork: many, many congratulations on your art skills.

16:54 on February 15, 2008

J Silva said:

Excellent artwork: it is apride to se such high level artwork.


15:19 on February 16, 2008

Paul J said:

Very good artwork (in all the gallery). congratulations

08:01 on February 25, 2008

Artem said:

I really enjoy the variety of this gallery: and the level of the artwork is wonderful.

16:12 on February 26, 2008

san said:

Wonderful composition: full of movement and vigor.

19:00 on March 6, 2008

JP Vieira said:

Thanks to all for your comments.

Prints are available at http://templarsquadron.com/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

19:50 on May 24, 2008

Brian J. said:

Your work is great! I can see that you are allways experimenting with new techniques and it shows: keep up the good work.

19:08 on July 21, 2008

AF said:

Excellent all the way! keep it up.

10:30 on August 2, 2008

Carter T. said:

Wonderfull artwork!


08:32 on August 26, 2009

L. M. said:

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing

16:13 on September 3, 2009

Jay said:

I really enjoy your work: congrats

08:49 on October 16, 2009

A BB said:

Your work is both of great artistical and technical quality: keep it up

14:45 on April 21, 2010

M.N. said:

Fantastic artwork and amazing gallery!

10:16 on July 4, 2010


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