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Clover Paint (Android)

Last post 04-09-2014, 3:19 PM by hemiolan. 3 replies.
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  •  03-07-2014, 6:50 PM 424547

    Clover Paint (Android)

    This app has been around for a year but is quite low-key despite its being the best art app on Android IMHO. In short, the app provides complex brush dynamics, custom brushes, shortcuts, hotkeys, pen pressure curve adjustment, almost all of blending modes for brushes and layers as seen in Photoshop etc. I'm simply a hobbyist painter but I believe the folks here would enjoy using this app as well. 
    (image taken from Play store)


    * N.B.: the app itself costs ~$8. There is an extension which costs an addition 20 bucks, but frankly it offers no addition exclusive features (yet?) rather than UI improvement. To be fair, the UI improvement is really nice. There are additional panels (similar to those in the desktop applications) which you can move/show/hide/dock everywhere. It also remembers the workspace for portrait and landscape mode without messing up when changing from one to another. But $20.. yikes! 

    In the developer defense, he is an independent dev and is struggling with the low sale of the app. It also hit me when he indicated that people could spend $500 on a tablet, $30+ for a stylus or a case but strangely hesitate to pay the same for an app. Anyhow if you appreciate the app enough or want to buy the dev (more than) a beer, consider supporting him by purchasing the extension.

    * Some helpful links:
    Quick Guide: Clover Paint User Guide (click Download on the right hand side)
    Twitter (Japanese): twitter.com/Clover_Paint
  •  03-07-2014, 7:13 PM 424549 in reply to 424547

    Re: Clover Paint (Android)

    I like Clover Paint.  I like the brushes better than any other painting app you can get on Android at the moment (especially if you are using the Samsung S pen).  But the basic UI does take some time to get your head around - with no real Help available unless you can read Japanese.  I do prefer Clover Paint to all the other painting apps for Android available at the moment.  My screen is too small for the UI improvement, might consider it otherwise because the basic layout is very confusing.
  •  03-07-2014, 11:22 PM 424558 in reply to 424549

    Re: Clover Paint (Android)

    For any new users, I wrote a quick guide, although sketchy, here Clover Paint User Guide. Hope it helps. 

    My 2 cents is to assign hotkeys or create shortcuts for all of the frequently used tools/commands and paint in full screen mode. Also use a button to switch between drawing modes to access other lesser tools. You might have a look at the above youtube link to see what I mean (weird, I couldn't make a proper hyperlink out of it) 

    " target="_blank" title="youtube.com/watch?v=kFLaKEA8IYk ">youtube.com/watch?v=kFLaKEA8IYk 

  •  04-09-2014, 3:19 PM 425559 in reply to 424558

    Re: Clover Paint (Android)

    Update: the latest version comes with a feature called "Post-stroke Editor". It allows users to adjust thickness/opacity/etc of the last brush stroke. It is kinda similar to the "vector" inking feature in Paint Tool SAI, Manga Studio and Clip Paint Studio, except that it can be used with ANY brush types. However the big limitation of the current release is that ONLY the last brush stroke can be edited. Anyway it is promising!

    The feature can be accessed from Tools -> Pen -> PS.Editor
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