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How to create your own gallery

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    How to create your own gallery

    EDIT by Voluspa: "Un-announcing" this post because we have two identical ones under announcements.

    Presenting your five-step guide to uploading your artwork to our galleries and creating your own personalised art portfolio…
    1) Register
    First thing’s first, you’ll need to register your details. This is very easy and takes a matter of minutes. Go to http://www.imaginefx.com/Registration/register.aspx and follow the instructions.
    Next, you need to prepare your images. Using Photoshop or similar, save your images as JPEGs – it’s best to keep your images to around 500k max in size.
    3) Adding images
    Click on Galleries in the top navigation bar. Then what you need to do is click 'create my gallery'. Then you should see the option of 'common tasks' somewhere below...At the bottom right of the page that appears you’ll see a ‘Common Tasks’ section. Click on the ‘add picture’ link (you’ll need to upload your images one at a time).
    4) upload options
    On the page that appears, click the Upload Photo button. Then, add a ‘friendly’ description and click Browse to navigate to an image you prepared in step two. Next, add a description and click Save. Your image will appear in your portfolio.
    5) Comments
    You can reply to any comments made about your images in the same way as you comment on other artists’ work.

    Overlord, ImagineFX
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