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Calling cintiq 12wx users for help!

Last post 01-23-2013, 6:13 PM by MikeErty. 0 replies.
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  •  01-23-2013, 6:13 PM 409381

    Calling cintiq 12wx users for help!

    After getting confirmation that my cintiq 12wx was broken from Wacom themselves they offered me a replacement second hand one. Obviously since i'd only had it for a week before i noticed the fault i wasn't happy with a second hand one after paying 800 quid.

    I went to amazon and they were happy to replace it straight away.

    It arrived today and I set it up and - guess what... exactly the same issue.

    The screen is visibly not flush with the surface at the top right when viewed from a low angle. It's not sliding about yet but neither was the first one at this point - it took a few more days before it loosened itself more.


    What I'm asking is for is for anyone with a cintiq 12wx to inspect their display and tell me if this is actually part of the design since this is my second unit that;s exactly the same. Maybe what i think looks like a fault passes for fine at Wacom.

     Just turn your unit on, dim the lights so all you have is the light from the display and bring your head down so your eyes are about three inches above the surface looking toward the rop right corner where the display meets the glass surface. is it flush from left to right? Or is there light leakage on the right to the extent that you can see the clips (or whatever) behind the display?

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