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My first paining - Feedback required please

Last post 10-15-2012, 8:59 PM by xxoctoberstormxx. 3 replies.
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  •  10-14-2012, 12:56 PM 402008

    My first paining - Feedback required please

    Hi all.

    After reading Imagine FX for a year and a half I thought "lets take the great step and join the forums"

    Anyway. Ive made a vectordrawing and after that I pixelpainted the colors under the black vectorlines.
    This is the first time ill do something like that (painting colors that is) and it would be nice if I got some feedback.

    Hold in mind that its not supposed to look like an very detailed painting, but more like an comic/graphic novel style.
    I'm pretty pleased with the work I did till now (Its my baby :p), exept the hair (the up part of the head, not the tail). It still seems to look a bit to flat in my eyes,
    And i don't have a clue anymore what to do with it so that the hair seems to have a bit more depth.

    Anyway feedback appreciated (not only on the hair, you guys can give feedback on the colors to).

    Greets Aleideka aka Maarten Merchier


  •  10-14-2012, 4:00 PM 402018 in reply to 402008

    Re: My first paining - Feedback required please

    Looks fine to me Maarten! The colours are bold and even and the anatomy looks ok. Practice makes perfect, so keep posting your work up! 

    Try to create a greater contrast between the highlights and shadows for more depth. Plus, some textures might add interest to the whole image too, especially in the hair. I have never used a vector based app, so I cannot say a whole lot more.

    Keep it up and show us more!!

    AND.... Welcome to the forums!!!!!

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  •  10-15-2012, 1:26 AM 402081 in reply to 402008

    Re: My first paining - Feedback required please

    Hi, welcome to the forums!

    I like the vay you used varied lineweight in the chin and ears, and think that you could use a little bit of the same on the upper eyelids to give more depth to the stare...also, if you look at a picture of an eye, you will notice that the upper part of the iris shows darker because the eyelid and lashes cause a shadow... so I believe adding another, darker colour to that part of the eye will make the highlight pop out more.

    On the hair, I think you are only missing highligts, the same way you have a highlight on the nose corner. Since you are going for a graphic novel style, why not look at the way some manga illustrators have solved the problem of hair highlights? probably you can find a treatment that points you to a solution that you like.

    welcome again, and hope to see more of your work in the forums


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  •  10-15-2012, 8:59 PM 402119 in reply to 402008

    Re: My first paining - Feedback required please

    Welcome to ImagineFX! :D

     I think that's a great first painting! :)

     The only thing that maybe I think could do with a bit of editing is the hair. The dark patch above her ear makes me kind of feel like her head is going inward instead of outward. I believe for better terms it's called concave. Where as I think you would prefer the convex look. I think to get the appearance of the head being convex you'd want the highlight in the hair to be where the dark point is and the dark points of the hair to be where the light bit is. This is just of course referring to the hair on her head itself, not the pony tail.

     Great work, I hope to see more works from you soon!

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